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Sam Opstaele
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Sam Opstaele is a Belgian jazz guitarist mainly active in the (gypsy) swing world.

He got to know the guitar around the age of 16 and as a self-taught young talent he made his way to the jazz scene, after which he enjoyed a few lessons with Tcha Limberger and Seppe Van Tilborg, among others.

From there he built up stage experience as rhythm guitarist in the band Nomad Swing with Koen De Cauter who then introduced him as a soloist in the band LAMORAL quartet.

His playing can be described as refined towards classical swing jazz with a great urge for innovation.


In addition, Sam Opstaele played as a soloist sideman or sometimes vocals in numerous projects including:

~ LAMORAL quartet

~ MOM-trio


~ Les Somnambules

~ La Sentinelle De La Chanson

~ Granz Band

Sam Opstaele ~ guitar



2015 Nomad swing: Diddle Daddle

2017 LAMORAL quartet: Il Sudario

2018 MOM-trio: MOM

2019 Les gars reasca

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