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Murmures anker


Unique acoustic music and word art performances under the artistic guidance of Pieter Mortier and Hanna Desmet.

Together with the artists, they look for a cross-pollination between music and words.

During artistic residencies they work on cross-over performances in which unamplified or minimally amplified music and word art meet in all their facets.


They invite professional musicians and word artists from various backgrounds to give a one-off performance under our artistic guidance. The performances always take place at locations that contribute to a unique atmosphere.



Participating artists

Loeke Vanhoutteghem, Eddie Azulay, Kreis, Stanzi Cresens, Mattijs Deraedt, Dominique De Groen, Simon Raman, Natan Goessens, Viktor Perdieus,... 



City of Ghent, Vermeylenfonds, De Koer, KANTL - Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature, HA Concerts, Trefpunt,... 

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