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It was autumn in that strange world when Pieter Mortier forged plans to form a new band. Swing music would warm our hearts. That of Nette Mortelmans, that of Sam Opstaele and not much later also Werend Van Den Bossche's. A quartet was born. We called ourselves Eleanor and so we honor this Billie Holiday with her birth name (Eleanora Fagan). 


Pieter and Sam have been forming a solid rhythm section for years that approach the sounds of the manouche swing sonorously and stylistically, with their own voice. Werend's supporting playing style actually enters into a conversation with Nette and complements it perfectly without compromising the frivolity but also not getting in the way of the voice. Thus, music is once again blowing across the Atlantic to these parts. Our intention…give a glimpse of the freedom and fun of the swing.

“If you close your eyes, you hear a singer à la Billie Holiday, the same muffled voice that interprets the old work with a lot of nuance, …. But Nette does that neatly in a very own style, …, in which there is room for the humor and the double meanings of the songs.” (

Nette Mortelmans ~ vocals
Werend Van Den Bossche ~ clarinet, alto sax
Sam Opstaele ~ guitar
Pieter Mortier ~ double bass

Eleanor horizontaal. Fotograaf_ Jonas Lampens.jpg

(c) Jonas Lampens

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