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DI Prima

"The only war is the war against the imagination"

  - Diane di Prima

Spoken word artist Hanna Desmet and musicians Pieter Mortier (double bass), Werend Van den Bossche (saxophone, clarinet) and Cyriel Vandenabeele (electric guitar) experiment between instrument and poetry.

To do this, they started to work with the oeuvre of beatnik poet and activist Diane Di Prima, who, as a female voice in a man's world, tackled themes such as (eco)feminism and social inequality back in the 1950s.

The result of this collaboration is a crossover performance in which poetry and (jazz) music both blend and contrast.

Hanna Desmet ~ Spoken word

Cyriel Vandenabeele ~ Electric Guitar , Fx

Werend Van Den Bossche ~ Saxophone, clarinet, Fx

Pieter Mortier ~ Double bass 

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